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Many tractors will catch fire this year and New Zealand is heading into the peak season. Spring and early summer always bring a jump in tractor fires thanks to birds nests.

It only takes starlings 17 minutes to build a nest, as Southland farmer Leon Black found out to his cost. “Youre using your tractor, you come in for a cup of coffee of something, as its warming down the starling can build the nest and when you go back out again it can actually go up in smoke,”

New Zealand has 100,000 tractors, including people with lifestyle blocks, baches and


The body of a man lay smouldering in his bed for at least 24 hours before he was found by fire officers, his neighbours say.

The Orewa resident perished in what investigating officers say was an accidental and preventable fire.

Waitemata senior risk management officer George Stephens said investigations revealed the fire had been burning at the weatherboard multi-block Milton Rd flat for more than 24 hours, but because it was starved of oxygen,


A potentially disastrous retail outlet fire in Onehunga was averted when a ceiling light fitting ignited.  Alert staff quickly discharged their Foam Spray extinguisher, putting out the fire and because of the clean foam dispersant, caused no collateral damage to stock and fittings.

This provides a good case for promoting staff Fire Training!

Summer daylight saving time has finished, providing a good time to check or update Fire Extinguishers and check the batteries in Smoke Alarms.

Portable fire extinguishers are proven to save lives and protect property when a fire strikes.  Daylight Saving Time is a good time to review some cyclical safety chores, such as inspection of the fire extinguishers in your home and office, and a check of the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Proof that in the event of fire, properly installed and maintained smoke detectors can help save lives by giving early warning


At FireWatch we specialise in all types of Fire Extinguishers

Foam Spray Fire Extinguishers form a film which prevents the release of fuel vapours while forming a foam blanket that excludes oxygen.
As it is an aqueous extinguishing agent, it also cools the affected areas it comes into contact with.


This is a question we get asked very often and it is a very important part of any building servicing requirements, boat safety checks, home fire safety checks. Too often we hear that some ones fire extinguisher has failed due to being out of date or not serviced.

It is imperative that your portable fire extinguisher is checked, so in the event of a fire, your extinguisher can perform as intended. When


In 80% of the house fires the Fire Service attended last year, smoke alarms were either not installed or not working.  Long-life photoelectric smoke alarms are the single most important lifesaving device New Zealanders can have in their homes.  Dont put it off until next month.  Install them now!

Fire Safety Training

As a business owner, you are responsible for the well being of workers. Fire training and drills are essential to guarantee that employees know what to do in the case of fire. Fire equipment and training can also minimise the tremendous damage that a business could experience as a result of a that unexpected fire. For instance how many people within the organisation know how to use a ...

Warning for all Building and Business Owners

With the recent changes in legislation and the possible implications following the ongoing earth quakes there are some misconceptions around building compliance that can be very costly if not fully understood.
These misconceptions are around fire hose reels and ...

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Other information

Other Information

WHY DO I NEED HAND OPERATED FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT? Do read the answer to this and other questions.
We are happy to talk to you regarding your fire related legal obligations or about training your staff.
"We have always been impressed with the nation-wide service that the Firewatch staff and agents provide..."

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