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Fire hose reels offer an ongoing supply of water to combat fires involving combustibles (the most common type of fire). Some fire hose reels are located in cabinets whilst others are visible on the wall in fire cells.

Firewatch can supply a range of wall mounted fire hose reels and full cabinet hose reels including foam fire hose reels that comply with the New Zealand standards specifications AS/NZS1221 1997. Fire hose reels and cabinets are manufactured in high grade steel, powder coated, or in stainless steel for outdoor and marine use. Internal components are cast brass machined.

Fire hose reels are installed for use by persons trained in the use of hand held fire fighting equipment. This can be those employed on site as well as fire fighters who are attending an incident on site.

We can provide training in the use of Hose Reels, as well as all our other fire equipment. To learn more CLICK HERE

Note: If you have a hose reel, youll need signage for it too. CLICK HERE to read more. Youll also need to teach your staff in its use. CLICK HERE to read about our training.

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Other Information

WHY DO I NEED HAND OPERATED FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT? Do read the answer to this and other questions.
We are happy to talk to you regarding your fire related legal obligations or about training your staff.
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