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Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets are manufactured in fire retardant material and are a fire safety essential for restaurant kitchens and all hot food outlets.

Fire blankets are supplied in plastic sleeves with metal eyelets for fixing to a wall, with pull down tags for easy release.

Fire Blankets are used for covering cooking related fires, for wrapping around a person to smother a clothing fire or using as a cover to escape through flames.

Fire blankets are available in the following sizes:

  •   1 metre x 1 metre
  •   1.2 metre x 1.8 metre

Note: If you have a fire blanket, youll need signage for it too. CLICK HERE to read more. Youll also need to teach your staff in its use. CLICK HERE to read about our training.

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Other information

Other Information

WHY DO I NEED HAND OPERATED FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT? Do read the answer to this and other questions.
We are happy to talk to you regarding your fire related legal obligations or about training your staff.
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